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ZEDpods in St. George – Planning Application Validated 

News release 21 May 2019 

This ZEDpods development proposes to build 11 homes over the Chalks Road carpark, adjacent to St George Park. It pioneers a way to create an 100% affordable and low carbon housing development over an existing land use, a car park in this case. 

Following a well-attended and, in the vast majority, warmly received public consultation on Friday 1st March, the scheme has now progressed to the full planning application. Subject to planning the ambition of the Bristol Housing festival is to have these built and occupied before the next Housing Festival exhibition in October 2019. 

Jez Sweetland, Project Director of BHF “I am delighted that this scheme is sufficiently developed that we have been able to submit for planning and are still on track to have these built and occupied before the next planned Bristol Housing Festival public exhibition in October 2019. In the context of the housing needs of the city it is important that we find creative ways to use land to test new ideas that can be scaled up to contribute to meeting our city’s housing needs – we also need to show that this can be done quickly as the existing need creates a demand for urgency.’ 

A ZEDpod is a new concept in high-quality, rapid build, modular low energy homes that can use air rights above existing land within city centres, such as car parks. The ZEDpod apartments can be raised above existing car parking spaces, which continue to be available for public parking. The homes have been optimised for energy efficiency and the lowest possible running costs, with solar panels to generate renewable electricity in the day, quiet running heat pumps for low energy heating, controlled ventilation which recovers usable heat from inside the building whilst bringing in fresh air, triple glazing, LED lighting and energy efficient appliances. 

This environmental and social focused development will deliver much needed affordable housing in the area for young people. By creating a mixture of tenures, a new community model will be created to ensure that the support networks are in place for the tenants. 

The scheme will offer something truly innovative, a first for the city and of its kind in the UK. The development rethinks existing land use, often in central locations, demonstrating a new possibility in helping solve the housing crisis, whilst at the same time providing beautiful, low carbon housing. 

This project is a collaboration between Bristol Housing Festival, ZED Pods Ltd, a Bristol based Housing Association, the YMCA, Bristol and Bath Regional Capital and Bristol City Council. 

Planning and development consultancy Turley is providing expert planning and strategic communications services for the scheme. 

Dr. Rehan Khodabuccus, Operations Director of ZED Pods Ltd. “We are excited to have started the planning process and hope to be working with Bristol City Council to deliver 11 Pods for young people with affordable new homes” 

Bill Dunster OBE, Design Director at ZED Pods Ltd said “I’m very pleased that after designing these new homes we can, if planning is agreed, make a real difference to people in this community, with no loss of car parking space” 

Amy Hickson, Associate Director at Turley said “The proposed development provides an exciting and innovative opportunity to deliver sustainable and affordable housing in Bristol. There is a clear need for affordable housing in the city and it is refreshing to see the various partners working together to bring forward a solution to address this issue. If the planning application is approved the development will create energy efficient homes for young people in need of housing, whilst maintaining the site’s existing use as a car park.” 


Notes to editors: For more information: 

Email [email protected] 

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For further information about ZEDpods please contact: 

Gaye Spencer on 01256 589513 or [email protected] 

About the Bristol Housing Festival: 

An initiative of Bristol One City, The Festival will run over five years and is supported by Bristol City Council, Bristol and Bath Regional Capital and The Shaftesbury Partnership. It will act as an incubator to road-test, in a real-world scenario, both existing concepts and innovative solutions designed to accelerate the delivery of quality, affordable housing. These will include exploring smart technology and off-site manufacturing. The Festival will also highlight the ambition and work that is already underway in the city through partnerships, innovators, community groups and pioneers. 

Announcements on the next steps for the Festival will be made by twitter, news release, and on the housing festival website. 

The Bristol Housing Festival is an initiative of Bristol One City. The Bristol One City Approach supports organisations and communities across our city to work together and deliver added value for citizens. 



ZED Pods Ltd is a company set up to build and install high quality, affordable low carbon homes for keyworkers and young people close to city centres and public transport. By separating housing provision from land prices using air rights over car parks, this removes the cost of land from the price of housing and could use the UK’s 200,000 city centre car parking spaces. ZEDpods are one-bedroom houses that have been designed by a RIBA award winning architect Bill Dunster. Their modular construction is fabricated off site and the pods are designed to be erected within 24 hours. This approach enables rapid and easy onsite installation to make effective use of windfall sites. To see how the pods are built click here. 

ZEDpods in St. George: 

The site in St. George has been selected due to its great access to the Church Road retail area and close proximity to the local supermarket and amenities. When combined with the good access to local public transport networks, access to train stations and the car free access to the centre of Bristol; the site is ideal for an affordable ZEDpods community. 

The development would also offer additional security and surveillance to discourage anti- social behaviour and provide electric car charging points to upgrade the carpark. 

The proposal is for a simple line of nine 1 beds and two 2 bed, low carbon ZEDpod homes running above the central parking aisle. This avoids the mature trees on either side of the linear car park. 

No existing parking bays are lost, and there is no reduction in public parking. The scheme is being offered to potential residents without parking to protect the parking spaces for the recreational park users and shoppers. 

What does affordable mean? 

The ZEDpods will be let to young people on a two year tenancy, with rents that are no higher than the Local Housing Allowance rates. As of 1st April 2019, this is £132.43 per week for a one-bedroom home and £160.73 for a two-bedroom home. 

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