Investment process

There is a six-stage process, which includes onboarding, documentation review, independent review by our Bristol-based Advisory Committee, approval from the independent regulated Fund Manager and then legal agreements. You can read about this process in more detail here

Stage 1: Onboarding – We will send you an introduction form to tell us about your organisation and proposal. We will also need to see proven revenue streams to support your proposal. If we agree that you are in alignment with us and there is potential for investment, we will progress to the next stage.

Stage 2: Leadership, staff and business plan – This is where we ask for a lot of detail, to get into the nitty-gritty of your organisation and proposal. We look for experience, good governance, skillsets and leadership in executing your proposal, and we strongly prefer teams with more than one director. We will need to see annual accounts, management accounts, business plan, financial model, any legal permissions you need, market research, sales contracts, invoicing and any information that supports the proposal.

Stage 3: Independent review – Our Bristol-based Independent Investment Advisory Committee takes a detailed look at your proposal through the lens of the investment paper prepared by our team as a distillation of Stage 2. If they agree that investment is a good idea, we progress to the next stage. If not, we can go back to step 2. They may also request amendments or special conditions.

Stage 4: Independent decision – Regulated Fund Manager approval: This is where we seek final approval for the proposal. By this time, we believe it is fully shaped for investment. However, the investment Committee of NCM Fund Services (the Regulated Fund Manager) has the final say.

Stage 5: Investment offer and legals – If stage 4 produced an approval, we will issue Heads of Terms and begin drawing up the legal agreements. There is usually some negotiation at this stage and any preconditions will need to be fulfilled before we can proceed further.

Stage 6: Drawdown – The investment agreed at stage 5 can now be drawn down as you begin delivering your proposal. We will ask for periodic reports on your financial and impact information. We will stay in touch as your investment partner.

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