Frank Water CIC

Frank Water provides resources and expertise to marginalised communities.

Impact areas: Bristol
SDGs: 12, 13
Total Investment: £150,000
Type: Working capital

What they do

Frank Water is a Bristol-based charity which provides resources and expertise to marginalised communities, such as in India and Nepal, so that they can access safe water, toilets and good hygiene. In the UK they have worked to educate people on sustainable approaches to water consumption and use their extensive research to lobby the UK Government to act on the global water crisis.

What we did

Our loan allowed the charity to expand its water refill scheme in rural areas, helping to reduce inequality and create climate resilience, in this case, water security, in a global context. 

“Through impact investment, we are now able to grow our business and earmark our surpluses for our charity at the same time. It was vital that we had a financial partner like City Funds, people who really want to support the social side of the business, not just seek financial benefit for themselves.”

Katie Alcott, Founder & CEO

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