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Go beyond growth potential and address longstanding inequalities, tackle environmental issues, and create a more resilient region.

Create more than a financial return

Channel your investments into our place-based impact investment (PBII) funds and projects that are helping transform our region by:

  • Creating good jobs
  • Delivering Net Zero
  • Strengthening communities and improving health

Why our approach works

Our approach combines a deep understanding of our region with extensive impact-investing experience. At scale, PBII can provide risk-adjusted market returns for large institutional investors while also addressing the needs of local places.


We’ve raised and placed over £50m in funds and projects that focus on regional priorities as well as ESG and SDG outcomes.

Our impact


In addition to investing across sectors, our place-based approach means we can link up businesses and projects in our portfolio to create mutually reinforcing impact.

Our impact


We crowd in other sources of finance and work with regional leaders in the public, private and third sector to ensure we deliver long-term outcomes.

Our impact

Our expertise

Our team of place-based impact investors has over 75 years of combined knowledge. Our regional market insights and network enable us to consistently guide your capital into investments of value and impact.

Where we invest

We create funds and investments in projects that deliver both impact and financial returns. We enable you to access regional investment opportunities you might otherwise not be able to find.

Our portfolio design includes early stage, scale-up and mature business finance, depending on the need, working with business finance, clean energy, housing, physical infrastructure, digital assets, net zero, health and social gains.

We invest: Our funds

Get the investment you need to make the impact you want. Our funds invest in business sectors and assets that can show a growing social or environmental impact in our region. BBRC will review your application for investment, discuss it with you and direct you to the most appropriate fund, including sometimes with a co-investor.

City Funds

City Funds is an innovative 10-year impact investment fund launched in 2019, designed for purposeful businesses who are addressing social and environmental inequality in Bristol. 

Fund size and status: £10m (£8m committed; open for applications)
Amount: Loans of up to £1m or matched equity of up to £200k
Impact areas: Aligned with Bristol’s One City Plan
Location: Bristol, UK

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BBRC Co-Living

BBRC Co-Living is our impact housing portfolio, investing in steady-tenure, well-managed, mostly key worker homes in the West.

Portfolio size and status: Up to £20m (open for investment)
Impact areas: Secure housing; Affordable housing
Location: Bristol & West Region, UK

Contact us – if you have a home to sell or would like to invest.

Funds under development

We are busy developing inspiring new Funds to meet regional opportunities. Ready to invest at greater scale, we are designing them for themes including the West’s Net Zero ambitions, its ‘just transition’ and impact housing.

Portfolio sizes: £50m – £250m
Impact areas: Net Zero innovation and infrastructure; Impact housing
Location: West of England and neighbouring regions.

Contact us – if you would like to know more about our plans.

Western Net Zero Infrastructure

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Current portfolio size: TBC
Impact areas: TBC
Location: TBC

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Fund title here

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Current portfolio size: TBC
Impact areas: TBC
Location: TBC

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We’re currently fundraising for place making funds in carbon reduction and and in impact housing. Get in touch to find out more.

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BBRC is an award-winning and nationally recognised impact investor and asset manager, based firmly in the west.

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