Bristol Together

Bristol Together provides valuable skills in areas such as stone masonry and plumbing in Bristol.

Impact areas: Bristol
SDGs: 8, 11
Total Investment: £300,000
Type: Working capital

What they do

Bristol Together provides newly released prisoners with training, mentoring and paid employment in property renovation and the construction of new homes. As well as providing valuable skills in areas such as stone masonry and plumbing, social impact is created when the homes are sold to local housing associations for affordable rented accommodation in Bristol.

What we did

BBRC provided a loan for the construction of 12 affordable homes, expanding the programme to more ex-prisoners and helping to create equal opportunities within the local community.

“City Funds has been a key part in rolling out this new strategy—as a local investor City Funds has been able to connect us with the right people at the right time. I can honestly say that this project wouldn’t have happened without City Funds’ involvement.”

Paul Morgan, Managing Director

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