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BBRC named as Mayor of Bristol’s strategic partner

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Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, announced a strategic partnership between BBRC and his City Office initiative at his ‘State of the City’ annual mayor’s lecture last Thursday, aiming towards “structuring Bristol’s economy to work for all”.

After telling the packed-out Wills Memorial Building of his plans to bolster homelessness provision, level out employment inequality and deliver clean, affordable transport, Marvin unveiled the strategic partnership with BBRC that will, to quote the Mayor, “channel ethically-motivated investment into community-led projects” and “mobilise local money for local priorities” such as housing, employment and other city issues.

We hope that this partnership will further unlock exactly the type of long-term sustainability that BBRC was created to deliver, as Marvin invites us to join him and “identify and access the right type of investment to fund the 40 and 50 year ambitions identified in our emerging City Plan”.

We’re delighted to be embarking on this journey working closely with the City Office, bringing our financial expertise to help public, private and voluntary sector groups work together to tackle key issues facing our city.

Skip forward to 33 minutes in to hear Marvin’s announcement of our strategic partnership


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