About us

We are an ambitious, award-winning and nationally recognised impact investor and asset manager, based firmly in the west.

Place-based, impact investing in the West of England and its neighbouring regions

As our region’s first, home-grown, place-based investor, we aim to transform the way finance delivers impact. We are targeting urgent opportunities in the region, including Net Zero and impact housing.

Our vision

We believe that purposeful businesses, charities and social enterprises will unlock the solutions our region needs. 

By channelling investment in the right way to the right places, we can see regional priorities met and a more resilient economy emerge.

Our approach

We channel capital into the regional economy in a way that increases its social, economic and environmental benefits. We believe this creates a healthier economy that enables impact to multiply naturally.

This place making approach enables us to design financial solutions with regional insight and connections, giving organisations a better chance of delivering on revenue and impact goals.

For Charities and Social Enterprises

For purposeful businesses

For ESG and impact investors

Our portfolio

We’re investing in businesses across sector, stage and size. Our goal is to create an intentional, networked and thriving portfolio that balances impact and financial returns.

The story so far

Founded in 2015, BBRC has passed several important milestones.

From the time when it was cutting its teeth on brokerage and winning the Social Investment Deal of the Year from Social Enterprise UK, it has evolved into a proven place making fund manager, with over £50m invested, leveraged and brokered into deals across areas as diverse as housing and renewable energy as well as medical and renewable battery tech.

We’re now seven years into tackling our region’s housing crisis and and with Net Zero high on the agenda, we’re even more committed to backing Bristol’s regional social and environmental businesses, with our £10m City Funds 1.0 reaching its final stages of deployment. But this is only the beginning of the impact we are seeking to create in the West of England and its neighbouring regions. Our next funds are already in development.


BBRC is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee, and membership in the CIC is comprised of Foundation Members and Ordinary Members. We are owned and supported by the following organisations:

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BBRC is an award-winning and nationally recognised impact investor and asset manager, based firmly in the west.

Edward Rowberry

Chief Executive

“Investment is a powerful tool for change and positive social impact.”

As founding Chief Executive of Bristol & Bath Regional Capital (BBRC), Ed focuses on organisational direction and delivery. He seeks to ensure that BBRC remains committed to serving local communities while retaining a commercial focus that a social enterprise like BBRC requires.

Ed is also Strategic Advisor to the Bristol City Office (www.bristolonecity.com), represents BBRC as a member of the Governing Board of City Funds (www.bristolcityfunds.co.uk), and is co-opted to the Board of Black South West Network (www.blacksouthwestnetwork.org).

Laura Barrow

Finance Director

“To create real and lasting impact we must transform traditional approaches to finance – purpose and profit are not mutually exclusive.”

Laura is accountable for the financial and operational leadership of BBRC, enabling efficient and effective delivery of its ambitious plans for investment and housing in the region. She is a Chartered Accountant with a background in financial services, from working in start-ups to the UK’s largest building society. Laura is passionate about making a difference through business models that are truly sustainable – commercially, socially, and environmentally. She is also a Trustee of Bristol Hospitality Network, which works alongside destitute asylum seekers.

Beth Flood-Fairlamb

Operations Executive

“I believe confronting climate change and social inequality at the local level is key to driving forward change at all levels, from local to regional to global. BBRC is doing just that by using a place-based and collaborative social investment approach, and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Beth holds a BA (Hons) degree in English Literature and recently completed an MSc in Public Policy at the University of Bristol. She has a particular interest in local-level government and community actions to tackle climate change and inter-related issues like housing and social inequality. She has been driven to pursue this interest professionally through her role at BBRC, in which she manages and supports business operations including Human Resources, legal and regulatory administration, and project support and research.

Bill Marshall

Non-executive Chair of BBRC Homes

“I am delighted to be able to give my knowledge and experience of the West of England to such a worthy cause as BBRC. In particular I am keen to see delivery of hundreds of new homes in the coming years. In particular providing them in areas where intervention is needed to accelerate delivery and make a positive community and social impact.”

Bill is responsible for developing and accelerating BBRC’s strategy and plans in respect of housing. He has considerable experience of construction projects having successfully delivered the £300m campus redevelopment plan for the University of the West of England. At UWE he was commercial director for 5 years which included selling surplus land (for housing) and acquiring strategic land and buildings. Prior to that, he was UWE’s first Director of Finance from 1992 until 2012. In honour of his achievements Bill was awarded the honorary position of Pro Vice-Chancellor Emeritus.

Jari Moate

Investment Director

“Until the day arrives when all enterprises place social impact front and foremost in their strategies, and deliver goods and services with regard to the true costs of doing the right thing, there is a role for targeting and fostering those organisations who can already see that future and who do business as if it is here, today. Investment is a tool to make that happen.”

Jari’s role within BBRC is dedicated to ensuring that organisations with a social mission find the right investment suited for their needs. As Investment Manager for City Funds, he is tasked with distributing a £10million pot of funding to reduce inequality throughout Bristol. Jari is also a writer and has published three books. His passion for writing has led to a massive contribution to Bristol’s history as he is the founder and Chair of Bristol Festival of Literature.

Richie Miller

Development Director

“I believe that owning your own Home can you give you the freedom to live how you want and pursue your dream life. I believe in high-impact housing schemes that create community and that are highly sustainable.”

Richie leads BBRC Homes, which aims to become a leading developer and financier of homes in the Bristol and Bath area. Richie joined BBRC Homes after a 14-year career in the military where he was a Major in the Royal Logistics Corps. He has built up his own property portfolio which includes a 48-bed co-living tower block. Richie is passionate about making a difference to where and how people live and believes an inclusive local community is the cornerstone to driving regional success.

Ryan Munn

Investment Business Development Manager

“Good business is good business. Entrepreneurs that can create social and environmental value that benefits the community will be the business leaders of tomorrow.”

Ryan is committed to people-centred business. With 20 years’ experience in developing purpose-driven relationships, Ryan helps social entrepreneurs in the West of England find the finance they need to grow and succeed. Having worked for multi-billion pound ethical banks in Canada and Europe, Ryan knows that finance can be a powerful tool that benefits people and communities, and creating the conditions for a healthy local economy.

Shweta Iyengar

Portfolio Analyst

Shweta has over 10 years of experience in the Investment Industry. Her role in BBRC involves, financial analysis & appraisal of potential investments, monitoring investment portfolio and reporting to investors. Prior to BBRC, she has worked in India as a sell side Research Analyst with some of the leading research houses and later moved to the role as an Investment Advisor in a Family Office catering to the HNI clients.

Shweta is a Chartered Accountant and has been awarded the CFA Charter by the CFA Institute, USA. She also holds a Level 4 Investment Advice Diploma, awarded by the CISI (UK).

Georgina Cremin

Housing Executive

“I believe that it is vital for businesses to reimagine systems in order to break down inequalities and injustices. BBRC is part of this evolution of business that focuses not only on profitability but also its impact.”

Having completed an integrated MSc in Geography with Innovation at the University of Bristol, Georgina joined BBRC as Housing Executive in the Homes team. Her role involves managing a growing housing portfolio and supporting the appraisal of new deals. She is passionate about finding creative solutions to social and environmental problems, having worked on various entrepreneurial projects during her course, including a student accelerator to support the development of sustainable, student-run craft businesses.


We love to work with young people developing their careers and interests in impact finance. We welcome introductions and applications at any time, especially from under-represented groups.

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Laura Barrow

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