About us

We are an ambitious, award-winning and nationally recognised impact investor and asset manager, based firmly in the west.

Place-based, impact investing in the West of England and its neighbouring regions

As our region’s first, home-grown, place-based investor, we aim to transform the way finance delivers impact. We are targeting urgent opportunities in the region, including Net Zero and impact housing.

Our vision

We believe that purposeful businesses, charities and social enterprises will unlock the solutions our region needs. 

By channelling investment in the right way to the right places, we can see regional priorities met and a more resilient economy emerge.

Our approach

We channel capital into the regional economy in a way that increases its social, economic and environmental benefits. We believe this creates a healthier economy that enables impact to multiply naturally.

This place making approach enables us to design financial solutions with regional insight and connections, giving organisations a better chance of delivering on revenue and impact goals.

For Charities and Social Enterprises

For purposeful businesses

For ESG and impact investors

Our portfolio

We’re investing in businesses across sector, stage and size. Our goal is to create an intentional, networked and thriving portfolio that balances impact and financial returns.

The story so far

Founded in 2015, BBRC has passed several important milestones.

From the time when it was cutting its teeth on brokerage and winning the Social Investment Deal of the Year from Social Enterprise UK, it has evolved into a proven place making fund manager, with over £50m invested, leveraged and brokered into deals across areas as diverse as housing and renewable energy as well as medical and renewable battery tech.

We’re now seven years into tackling our region’s housing crisis and and with Net Zero high on the agenda, we’re even more committed to backing Bristol’s regional social and environmental businesses, with our £10m City Funds 1.0 reaching its final stages of deployment. But this is only the beginning of the impact we are seeking to create in the West of England and its neighbouring regions. Our next funds are already in development.


Ed Rowberry

Chief Executive

Laura Barrow

Finance Director

Beth Flood-Fairlamb

Operations Executive


Bill Marshall

Non-executive Chair of BBRC Homes

Jari Moate

Investment Director

Richie Miller

Development Director

Ryan Munn

Investment Business Development Manager
Portfolio Analyst

Georgina Cremin

Housing Executive







BBRC Board Members

Connect with Ruth

Ruth Foreman - Chair

Connect with Mark

Mark Mansley - Deputy Chair

Connect with Ed

Ed Rowberry

Connect with Laura

Laura Barrow

Connect with Jason

Jason Smerdon

Connect with Kalpna

Kalpna Woolf

Connect with Nick

Nick Houghton-Brown

Connect with Rachel

Rachel Tonkin

Connect with Dr Rob

Dr Rob Brown

Connect with Tim

Tim Ross

Connect with Richard

Richard Leeming

BBRC Advisory Council

Connect with Ellen

Ellen Powley

Connect with Dr Rob

Dr Rob Brown

Connect with Craig

Councillor Craig Cheney

Connect with Andy

Andy Salmon

Connect with William

William Liew

Connect with Rebecca

Rebecca Mear

Connect with Michele

Michele Barbour

Connect with Dr Andrew

Dr Andrew Garrad CBE FREng

Connect with Simon

Simon Cooper

Connect with Geoff

Councillor Geoff Gollop OBE

Connect with Jos

Jos Moule

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BBRC is an award-winning and nationally recognised impact investor and asset manager, based firmly in the west.

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